Friday, April 24, 2009

Rukmini Callimachi: Pulitzer Finalist 2009

Ms. Rukmini Callimachi was among the Finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting "for her in-depth investigation of the exploitation of impoverished children in West and Central Africa".
Working at first as a freelancer, she made her mark in international journalism writing articles for "Time" Magazine, "Daily Herald” Chicago and now for Associated Press.

Rukmini left Romania during the communist regime with her mother, father and grandmother, for Switzerland and then the United States where she got a degree in English. Her first name shows her grandparents' love of Indian culture, while her family name goes back centuries deep into the Romanian history. She is a direct descendant of one of the oldest Romanian families (Moldavian Phanariotes).

During the Resurrection night she went to St Pantelimon Church to take holy light and then she went home to eat traditional food.


Anonymous said...

Nice try! Dar daca tot citezi Wikipedia (la fanarioti), vezi si:

Roxana Pascariu said...

Thank you for your suggestion! I have already made the adjustment.

Roxana Pascariu said...

Nice of you to herald Rukmini's achievements in your blog. She has not been
awarded a Pulitzer however. She was nominated in 2009 and was a finalist.
Kind regards,
Sean McDade

Thank you, Sean!