Friday, April 24, 2009

Aurora Simionescu Discovers a Piece of Our Universe

Ms Aurora Simionescu, a PhD student and NASA scholar, together with a team of astrophysicists, has revealed and studied a gas bridge that connects two clusters of galaxies in the known cosmic matter, as opposed to the dark one. She continues her studies and research as an international astrophysicist and has yet more to reveal to the world.

Rukmini Callimachi: Pulitzer Finalist 2009

Ms. Rukmini Callimachi was among the Finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting "for her in-depth investigation of the exploitation of impoverished children in West and Central Africa".
Working at first as a freelancer, she made her mark in international journalism writing articles for "Time" Magazine, "Daily Herald” Chicago and now for Associated Press.

Rukmini left Romania during the communist regime with her mother, father and grandmother, for Switzerland and then the United States where she got a degree in English. Her first name shows her grandparents' love of Indian culture, while her family name goes back centuries deep into the Romanian history. She is a direct descendant of one of the oldest Romanian families (Moldavian Phanariotes).

During the Resurrection night she went to St Pantelimon Church to take holy light and then she went home to eat traditional food.

Ioana Barsan: Dior Manager

Ms. Ioana Barsan is Christian Dior Top Manager for Northern Italy and is a young woman with a lot of charm, determination to overcome life difficulties and also a passionate professional.
In love with Dior since her childhood, she turned her affective memory into a life profession: "I grew up with a very stylish grandfather and father who used Dior perfumes. I remember that gentleman smell, fresh and strong - a smell that has stayed with me." Her first salary that she earned at 18 in Brasov, her native city, was spent on a Dior perfume...In Italy, after just 8 months she became in charge with the biggest perfume store in Italy.

Ms. Ioana Barsan has also great plans to encourage women to educate their style and tastes and there simply seems to be no better height-of-fashion adviser!

Monday, April 20, 2009

"One Man Show" International Festival in Bacau

Mid-April coincided this year with the 4th edition of "One Man Show" which drove eclectic energies onto one stage in a clear and neat manner. Great performances by master artists like Razvan Mazilu and his contemp dance style (have you seen him dance traditional music or Richard III yet?) along with big names in Romanian theatre industry, like Mrs. Tamara Buciuceanu Botez, whose humane warmth and vitality I personally miss in postmodern actors.
Also, international artists revealed their creative energies, like Mr. Kazama Morio and his fascinating "KaraokeMan".
The festival is a beautiful event every year, whose management is getting better.