Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silvia Pintilie: Visual Artist

Silvia is the Winner of Salermo Talent of the year - Italy, the Winner of History of Contemporary Art, Marche – Italy and exhibits in Notre Dame de Sion Gallery - Paris. And she fully deserves all the praise when you have a look at all her fantastic paintings and drawings and work...

Creative Photography: by sergio

A few days ago a friend of mine recommended bysergio and I've been hooked. Sergio's concept of "creative photography" implies raw emotions transcending the visual and feelings of unique moments lasting forever...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Iasi Book Fair - Style and Freedom

As a huge fan of books, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the CAMUFI book fair in Iasi these days enchanted its visitors not only with selected good books, music and films but also with a special kind of tranquil stylish atmosphere. Whether you wanted to enjoy an international bestseller, an IQ game or a Discovery documentary and an organic cup of tea, you had all the space to do it - and the space was not accidentally one of the most interesting in Iasi - the famous Hall of the Lost Footsteps.
In a time when we are under the pressure of larger-than-life book fairs with their addictive rush and tension, a book fair like this one can re-invent the original idea of an exquisite book meeting with good taste.

Iasi International Film Festival - A New Beginning

Iasi International Film Festival took place in the cultural capital of Moldova between the 25th September and the 3rd of October and marked the first edition of a new film festival - young, dynamic and energetic.
I particularly admired the documentaries section, which proved to be extremely new and fresh, and the special vibe of the energies of a new beginning. I can hardly wait to see this film festival grow in the years to come.