Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Honey...

Every time I go abroad, the second thing I really miss is the Romanian honey to go with the herbal tea. If the family beekeeper is out of town, then the best choice is Pastoral Georgescu - 100% natural honey, with a long tradition behind.
There are many benefits that both herbal teas and organic honey can provide us with, especially when they come from blessed natural resources like the Carpathian ones...

'Fares' - Miraculous Organic Herbal Teas

Every time I go abroad, one thing that I really miss is the cup of Fares tea in the morning.
Founded in 1929 by Vienna-educated pharmacist Andrei Farago, but dating as far back as the Middle Ages and the ancient Dacians, this small center of labs base their research and work in a fine combination of tradition and innovation.
Having been awarded by kings and high profile scientists so far, they simply gather the blessings that nature has been giving in a miraculous area of the Carpathians...We have the privilege to enjoy the beauty and abundance of nature in this part of the world!

'The Happiest Girl in the World' - Underneath that Silence...

The film titled "Cea mai fericita fata din lume" / "The Happiest Girl in the World", directed by Radu Jude and receiving the CICAE award at the Berlin Film Festival this year marks the debut of a young director with great potential.
Shot at 'ground 0' in Bucharest, this is a film about a so-called 'ordinary' life - with the due tragedy beyond the boredom and apparent nothing-ness. It's a film about modern constraints and brutality in the middle of which innocence gets squeezed...I'm looking forward to Radu Jude's next film!

'Slumdog Millionaire' - Redefining 'Poverty'

Who hasn't seen "Slumdog Millionaire" yet? I'm sure millions of you have already done so... Indeed, the director Danny Boyle has hit the jack pot of originality with young passionate actors and their fresh, genuine and natural characters.
I particularly admire the energy that comes out of this group of actors who act their lives out in an inspirational game of fiction-reality...
This movie proves also that cultural stereotypes we so easily attribute need doing away with - India is a massive space of colourful, even if conflicting, energy and spirit that we can all learn from...

Friday, June 26, 2009

'Sour-Sweet' / 'Dulce-Acrisor': The Best Chocolate in Town

If you are eager to taste irresistible Romanian sweets - be it chocolate, cookies, crackers, cakes for different occasions or ice cream - my best advice is to try "Dulce Acrisor" in Bacau.
This is a place I go to with great pleasure to try out 100% natural in-house recipe products that are a delight not only for your eyes but most importantly for your taste and that always leave your mouth watery and wanting more (!)
Dulce Acrisor works as a chocolate lab where creativity meets dedication and true passion...