Friday, June 20, 2008

Local Elections: "I am not ashamed to look in your eyes."

On the 15th of June, the second round of local elections finished. It marked the end of an aggressive period in which promises - empty or not, lies - white or 'black', hopes - for the best or not, and dreams - more or less realistic, all mixed up screamed on the streets and in mass media in a frenzy for persuasion. The apparent energetic optimism for the future contrasted heavily with low confrontations, mass manipulation, dubious project presentations, etc.
Being the witness of all these, I have recently come across a poster which vaguely (or not) reminded one of the intense election campaign a few days ago. The poster reads: "I am not ashamed to look in your eyes". Ironically, time has passed over it, leaving its mark and revealing the naked truth...
Is politics different in Romania or is it the same everywhere in all countries where there are financial interests?


geamanul said...

Voi incerca sa raspund la intrebare...
Nu cred ca politica din Romania este diferita in esenta ei comparativ cu politica din alte tari. Totusi cred ca ar fi nedrept sa comparam Romania si politica de aici cu un stat in care democratia are o traditie si cu modul in care se face politica acolo. Cu toate acestea eu cred ca politica se face la fel oriunde exista un interes (nu doar financiar). Problema noastra este ca aici politica este facuta de niste oameni total iresponsabili si care nu au alta constiinta decat aceea a interesului propriu. Asa cum spunea omul a carui disparitie o deplangem amandoi zilele acestea, primul lucru pe care l'au facut comunistii a fost acela de a distruge modul de gandire al oamenilor, de a le anihila intr'un fel constiinta. Acum se pare ca inca platim acea nota de plata si probabil ca o vom avea de platit mult timp de acum inainte.
Asadar... asta este politica facuta de politicienii nostri. Insa stau si ma intreb, oare toti suntem la fel? Si daca nu, care este motivul pentru care de 19 ani avem aceleasi figuri penibile in parlament?! Oare nu avem exact ceea ce meritam?
Cat despre afis... foarte bine surprins. Ei ne privesc in ochi doar cand au nevoie de votul nostru. Dupa... ne privesc probabil dar doar pentru a sti unde sa scuipe... Sa fim pe faza... se apropie din nou circul!

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, politics are probably the same here in the U.S., with one exception:

The Romanian people (my friends in Romania, at least) are simply more passionate about all aspects of life.

Here in America, people express anger through the political process, but when each individual voter is polled, the response is of being isolationist, even from our own culture and our own people.

Most people here seem to want to be an individual first and then an American second.

The only time we have a sense of "national pride" is on our Independence Day (4th of July) and when we are fighting someone in a war.

There is really no true cultural passion which we all share, since everyone wants to have things their own way.

So, when the truly passionate voices arise through the arts, literature and the media, they are largely ignored for simplistic "pablum" served up to the masses as one would provide crying babies with bottles of milk.

Otherwise, most Americans do not understand the true international implications of our politics.

For instance, it was announced the other day that a contract between Iraq and China has been renewed since being canceled in 2003 when the war started.

Most Americans have no idea that this type of announcement reflects commercial and diplomatic negotiations which have been continuing behind the scenes for years.

Even more amazing, virtually no one in the American public understands that this is a very tangible sign that the U.S. and China are now agreeing on a partnership in the Middle East.

The ramifications of such a partnership would take a whole book to discuss.

Suffice to say, that type of deep thinking is simply not palatable to the average American.

So politicians such as Senator Barack Obama cry out "Change we can believe in!", and no one really asks what the specific changes will be.

To be fair, Senator John McCain is just as quick to invoke slogans which mean nothing substantial.

So yes, ultimately politics is politics wherever one lives.

However, given the choice, I would embrace the passion of Romanian politics over the dull drone of the American political scene.


Roxana Pascariu said...

Cred ca ai surprins foarte bine problema - e o problema de constiinta, pana la urama. Iar pe de alta parte, cred, e o problema de frica. Prea multi dintre noi suntem inchistati in frica de a fi altfel, de a iesi din tiparele prestabilite, de a pune la indoiala sistemul, de a fi creativi si de a fi liberi sa construim o alternativa la ceea ce deja exista de prea multi ani...Politicienii sunt 'dintre noi', sunt si ei 'romani' (ah!) si de fapt ei sunt produsul unei etape din istoria noastra. Nedumerirea mea este cum de lor nu le este frica? Un raspuns: pentru ca nu au constiinta si nu au credinta...Cat timp oare vor mai fi ei liderii societatii noastre? Cat timp ii vom mai lasa? Cum va putea adevarata justitie sa invinga profunda coruptie?

Roxana Pascariu said...

While reading your comment, Gordie, I remembered the American Founding Fathers and their great life principles and teachings. How ironic that things have gone so far - the creative American individualism to be divided into two disconnected parts...

From what you are saying, I do not know what is worse: to be stuck in a system that is monotonous and dull or to be stuck in a system that is loud and 'passionate'...

I would say that both the U.S and Romania are faced with the same problems: consciousness (as geamanul said above) and identity - both individually and collectively. The current political crisis merely reflects this...

I also believe that people nowadays are too much focused on deconstruction and destroying rather than construction and creation...

Anonymous said...

[You wrote: "I also believe that people nowadays are too much focused on deconstruction and destroying rather than construction and creation"]


As our most recent elections showed, no one here promises anything anymore.

Instead, each party does its best to convince the voter as to why they should fear the other party.

I had forgotten I had replied to your blog :^)