Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Nihil Sine Deo" - The Meaning of TO BE

"Nimic fara Dumnezeu" / "Nothing Without God" is a wonderful interview with His Majesty King Mihai and Her Majesty Queen Ana of Romania, done by Ms. Cristina Topescu, "with her heart", as she confesses.

The viewer is presented the real life story of a King and his country, tormented by conflict, war, falsification of historical events in the minutest details, but eventually, even if not completely, vindicated by the people he has always loved so much.

Forced into exile in 1947 by the soviet communists and blackmailed with the death of 1,000 youngsters in case of opposition, HM King Mihai comes back home, after 45 years, in 1992, overwhelmingly welcomed by his people. He now lives a quiet life at his Palace, with his close family.

During the interview, he remembers the time of the World War II which coincided with his young adulthood and the tough decisions he had to make in the name of just democracy (a real historical and life lesson), the dramatic moment when Romania, a 'small' country in east Europe, like many others, was simply abandoned by the 'big' countries - the UK and USA, despite the fact that Romania was among the 'winners' of the war...

All these things must be said and known because, as he says, "you can forgive, but you must not forget because if you forget what happened, you never learn."

HM Queen Ana is the very symbol of wisdom, patience, just humbleness, kindness and devotion. With great strength of character, she says about their status as royalty in a small European country: "We have lived two lives, remember. We can mix with our cousins who have royal duties and we also have duties as simple people; we've got a fence between but we can jump over." What must it feel like to live in-between? Most probably great strength and faith.

One very important issue that HM King Mihai raises is the necessity for the European Union to define its position in terms of religion. He asks EU leaders to define our religion principle and include it among constitutional rights - essential, to me, in our post-modern global society.

Asked what she plans to do now for Romania, HM Queen Ana simply and deeply says: "To be." - how important and vital, not only for their people but also for the whole world, as an example of normal and just living...

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