Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dan Puric: "On the Beautiful Human"

Mr. Dan Puric, currently the best-selling writer in Romania, has recently published his second book, inspirationally titled "Despre omul frumos" / "On the Beautiful Human", collecting and sharing pieces of life essence.
By trying to piece together the past and map out the future of a European culture, Mr. Puric addresses, through ART and the power of the WORD, the entire world, in fact.
This is the book on the courage to be free, on fear fight, on essential memories that define us as human beings, on hope and on FAITH, no matter the religious support beneath it.

Apart from his original style in his previous book, Mr. Puric develops his writing further through beautiful fiction fragments that contain, in a nutshell, the same spiritual essence. What enchanting moments to read these parables: "The Land", "The River Rock", "The Cockle-Wheat", "What a Cursed Prince-Charming" or "The Carpathians Fairy-Tale"...

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