Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gheorghe Dinica: "I am from Romania."

Gheorghe Dinica will always enchant audiences - with his endless talent as an actor but, moreover, with his spirit that will continue to live with us forever. Personally, I could never forget his melancholic deep voice or his roles in so many films and plays - especially "Take, Ianke and Cadar", which lies at the very basis of my own identity belonging to this culture.
The New York Times, in the article today, relates "his modesty, humor and his refusal to praise the country's late Communist dictator", in a time when many actors did this, and also his passion for life and people so that, quite often, when dining in restaurants he would spontaneously break into song...When asked abroad if he was Robert de Niro, he would simply say: "I am from Romania."

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