Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dr.Rada Mihalcea: 'Recipe for Happiness'

Mr. Barack Obama thanked Dr. Rada Mihalcea and 99 other Top Scientists last Thursday in a special White House ceremony: "These extraordinarily gifted young scientists and engineers represent the best in our country. With their talent, creativity, and dedication, I am confident that they will lead their fields in new breakthroughs and discoveries and help us use science and technology to lift up our nation and our world."

Rada's research is vast and delves deeply into artificial intelligence, natural language processing and other computer science areas. One of her papers I particularly find intricate is the one on Finding Happiness related to Blogposts, since "blog entries are nonetheless much closer to what people think, as compared to other forms of public expression."

The words we use can show our own degree of happiness and a language processing program can lead to revealing facts. The thorough study of 10,000 blogposts shows that:

- Wednesday is the saddest day of the week, while Saturday the happiest;

- at 9 pm we are the happiest, while at 12 pm the saddest;

- the happiest words: love; God; father; baby; books; new;

- the saddest words: goodbye; don't understand; I wish; I miss

So, one interesting conclusion is that "happiness in today's society occurs most often around novelty"

Finally, Rada's "Recipe for Happiness":

- Something new
- Lots of food that you enjoy
- your favourite drink
- an interesting social place


Daniel Pascariu said...

Hi Roxana,

Very interesting !
This means that we should also:
- pray to God and play with children
- say "see you later" instead of "goodbye"
- go to bed early and skip Wednesdays
By the way, I'm thinking to buy an iPhone or even better - Google's Nexus One :)


Roxana Pascariu said...

Fantastic! Thanks! : )