Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Man Show 5th: 281, by Radu Largeanu

I was pleasantly surprised by the great number of people who came to see the performance under the title 281, by the young artist Radu Largeanu on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Actually, there were not many things to see - but to feel. The audience was invited on stage through the back door. In silence, under a dim light, on stage and in the middle of his audience, the actor Radu Largeanu started his monologue with a list of the names of the people who died in Communist political prisons, while inviting us further into the backstage - the 'prison cell'. Largeanu's monologue was based on the renowned texts written in prisons by Paul Goma and Radu Gyr.
Despite the most effective start of the play, the actor's focus was rather on the postmodern schizophrenia than the salvation through faith, missing thus, too much of the original text message.
Overall, I truly believe that the stage directions were worthy of an Edinburgh Festival presence, as well as the performance taken as a whole. The chemistry among the people in the audience was authentic and remarkably powerful.

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