Monday, October 13, 2008

Hanu Ancutei - Where Endless Time Meets Contemporary Hospitality

This is a Medieval story Inn - officially opened in the 18th century but going back as far as the age of Romanian Medieval Kings, according to local legends. Hanu Ancutei bears the name of the lady Ancuta, the owner of the place who used to enchant merchants with stories and legends and encourage them to reveal their own. Its present day version manages to capture this extraordinary mix of atmosphere: old and new, traditional and contemporary sophistication, because of the great variety of traditional organic foods and the wonderfully warm and highly-trained staff who live in the villages nearby. Whenever I go there, I can culturally re-connect with my most distant ancestors and roots and I am always delighted to discover yet another new old recipe of a delicious pie for my journey home...

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Anonymous said...

Is there also lodging available at this wonderful location?

I will be looking for unique places to stay.

Although I do want to see the cities, I am very drawn to experiencing the rural and monastic life of your country.