Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stelian Tanase: Nobility and Professionalism

It was such a great pleasure to attend the meeting between Mr. Stelian Tanase - writer (his latest book titled "Maestro"), researcher, professor, political analyst, journalist and TV producer - and the journalism students at the University of Bacau on the 22nd Jan. The pleasure came simply out of the honestly open communication atmosphere. With great personal charm and supportive attitude towards the youngsters in their 20's in front, Mr Tanase shared his ideas about television as "show lacking substance" but also as a means that teaches and measures efficiency fairly, about the empowering profession of a journalist - as opposed to that of a "newspaper clerk" - and the crucial importance of being personal and creative, irrespective of the external commands, and also about the way in which we can build credibility in a mixed (-up) society. He defined the press as "the active zone of the society", where people can exercise their will to know.

This meeting was also useful for all professionals as Mr. Stelian Tanase brilliantly pinpointed the importance of keeping the required distance in one's profession - outside and within - so difficult to do, indeed.

Mr. Tanase is one of the many local intellectuals drawn to the USA but one of the few ones who decided to come back. Why? Maybe because he is more useful here, in an existential way, maybe because he could soon be, as one of his characters, the one who can take responsibility and have the authoritative attitude for a question like this: "Mr. Prime Minister, why don't you step down?"
Mr Tanase is the best researcher that I know of - fully dedicated to revealing the meaning of truth.

I have also been impressed by Mr Tanase as being an interlocutor who offers you the great vast space of dialogue. He is not a speaker who crushes and enforces, but an interlocutor who knows how to add to the creation and development of authentic dialog - a true free spirit!

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