Sunday, March 15, 2009

"How about JUST a million?" David Heinemeier Hansson on Startups

My top-talent-IT-specialist sister-in-law sent me a link with David Heinemeier Hansson from Ruby on Rails, talking about how to tackle online business. In a time when we are concerned about how to make much more money and profit, David HH's speech is interesting for each one of us for his simply good-sense ideas:

1. the theory "get a billion or die trying" is fundamentally wrong - why should we waste our lives under this pressure when profit can come more naturally?

2. think more about small problems that people have around you - thousands of people may have the same problem worldwide

3. spend less but more productive time at work - no need to work 12+ hours a day

4. online business is not movie industry - the online field is generous and open to many winners

5. "call your own shots and run at your own pace" - what can be more motivating?

6. the simplest ideas run with professionalism bring you happiness and profit

7. Enjoy "Fortune 5,000,000" - be happy to be part of the low end where people provide solutions to many other people who pay little contributions rather than one huge organization that pays a huge sum of money - why carry the pressure?

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