Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The Meaning of Life" - Andrei Plesu

Mr. Andrei Plesu published an article in Dilema Vechemagazine about the meaning of life. It's never too late to ask ourselves: What's the meaning of my life?

1. "Life tends to have meaning as soon as you ask yourself about its meaning", but without making it the content of our lives;

2. "There is no collective life meaning"; otherwise, we would all go, "in flocks towards a common meaning, without mystery and without face";

3. "The meaning must be found, not manufactured"; we should not mix up the two: meaning and program. A life program is based on objectives (like getting on top in our profession, doing one's duty for the community, etc) but the accomplishment of these leave the meaning of life unsolved, or they might dramatically intensify it;

Have you found your own personal life meaning?

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