Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Gruber's Journey": The First Small Step

Gruber's Journey, directed by Mr. Radu Gabrea, is a well-documented film that tries to do justice to a tragic historical event, silenced for too long.
Curzio Malaparte, as written in his own journal 'Kaputt', recounts how personal life mixes with grand history and how he himself turns into a key witness of the event. While coming to Iasi in June 1941 and looking for the Jewish Dr. Josef Gruber to treat his allergy, Malaparte finds himself involved in the dramatic event of 12,000 Jewish civilians being mass murdered at Podu Iloaiei.
Being present at the official premiere last night in Iasi, I was wondering why government funded films lack the brightness and the vibe to propel them to international heights. And also how embarrassing ass-kissing can be during these presentations...
I believe the film - as perceived sitting near probably the most elderly Jewish man in the audience - misses the point of revealing the deep tragedy and launches on an overrated narcissistic criticism of the inability of the local people to organize things (an image, in fact, that neither my friends nor I recognize ourselves in).
However, Mr. Marcel Iures is absolutely brilliant, indeed, in portraying Dr. Gruber and also notable are Florin Piersic Jr., as Malaparte, and Claudiu Bleont - highly talented young actors.

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