Thursday, September 3, 2009

Violeta's Vintage Kitchen - Organic Slow Food

Great Passion and Honesty are the two key words that define Violeta's Vintage Kitchen - the new 'out of the box' kitchen in Bucharest for those of us who want to enjoy organic home-made food.
Being a Jamie Oliver's follower, Violeta turned her great personal cooking ability into a small but successful business because of her desire to share with the others high quality food.
And if we want Violeta to cook especially for us - no problem! Or if we want to learn from Violeta the secrets of her recipes for success, we can sign in for one of her workshops... For sure, my next trip to Bucharest will imply a visit to Violeta's Magical Kitchen...

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Anonymous said...

When I finally make my pilgrimage to România, I will be sure to visit this place in București. You have convinced me!